How to Create an Email Forwarder in cPanel

An email forwarder allows you to have an email address based on your domain (e.g. that forwards messages to a different email address, which may or may not be based on your domain.

When not to set up an email forwarder

It is generally not a good idea to set up forwarders whose destinations are based on domains hosted elsewhere, in particular the domains of major free email providers, such as,,,,, and so on.

Such destinations have their own security and anti-spam policies, and may penalize your email address, domain, or even our mail servers for forwarding what they might consider to be spam, causing all sorts of unnecessary email issues such as missing, delayed, and bounced messages.

When to set up an email forwarder

It’s best to create email forwarders in cases where the destination email addresses are also hosted on your HostM hosting account.

For example, if you’re hosting the domain on your account, and you had an email account named, you could set up a forwarder named whose destination was

How to set up an email forwarder

To create an email forwarder on your hosting account using cPanel:

  1. Make sure that you’ve already added the domain to your HostM hosting account.

  2. Sign in to your hosting account’s cPanel.

  3. Under the Email heading, click Forwarders.

  4. Under the Create an Email Account Forwarder heading, click Add Forwarder.

  5. Enter the following details:

    • Address to Forward: (The portion of the email before the @ sign)

    • Domain: (The portion of the email after the @ sign)

    • Destination: (Select Forward to Email Address, then enter the full destination email address into the box)

  6. Click the Add Forwarder button.

The email forwarder should now be listed on the Forwarders page in cPanel, and will begin forwarding incoming messages with immediate effect.