FREE SSL Certificates

HostM offers FREE SSL certificates which can be installed on as many websites as you wish in your HostM hosting account.

Our FREE SSL certificates are issued by the new Let’s Encrypt certificate authority, backed by organizations such as Mozilla, Akamai, and Cisco.

Why install SSL?

If you’re unclear as to why you’d want to install SSL on your websites, check out our article on 5 Important Benefits of Installing SSL on All of Your Websites.

Technical specifications

In terms of security and technical specifications, the FREE SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt are exactly the same as those that are purchased from established certificate authorities such as GeoTrust.

Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates can utilize 4096-bit private keys and feature full SHA-2 support and 256-bit encryption, the same level of security used by reputable banks and large ecommerce storefronts.

No dedicated IP purchase necessary

Some hosting companies require that you purchase a dedicated IP in order to install an SSL certificate.

HostM’s servers support SNI technology, which means you don’t need to purchase a dedicated IP just to install an SSL certificate.

This also makes it possible to install SSL certificates on multiple domains on your hosting account.

How to request your FREE SSL certificates

To request for FREE SSL certificates to be installed, check out our guide on how to convert a website from HTTP to HTTPS.

Our unlimited SSL hosting setup allows you to secure as many domains and subdomains as you wish on your hosting account.

Let’s Encrypt SSL per-domain request limits over time (most domains don’t run into these)

If a hosted domain has 1,000 or more subdomains (, it can take some time to secure them all, due to Let’s Encrypt’s per-domain request limits over time. Most domains won’t run into any of these limits, but they’re here for your reference:

  • Each Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate request can cover the domain itself ( and its subdomains (,, etc).

    Up to 50 such entries are allowed per certificate. Each entry’s www. counterpart is also automatically added, resulting in a total of up to 100 entries per certificate.

    If more than 50 entries are required for a given domain (including its subdomains), then they can simply be covered using multiple certificate requests.

  • The Let’s Encrypt certificate issuing system allows for up to 20 SSL certificate requests, per domain, within any 7-day period.

    This is useful because if a domain and its subdomains are already covered by an existing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, and you subsequently create additional subdomains for that domain in your hosting account, you can then request additional SSL certificate(s) to cover those newly-created subdomains.

    This also means that — if certificate requests are carefully made to fully utilize all 100 entry slots per certificate — up to 2,000 additional unique entries (counting the domain itself, its subdomains, and their respective www. counterparts) can be SSL secured for a given domain every 7 days.

    If you were to cover 2,000 new entries every 7 days, over time an increasing number of entries (we’ll call that number X) would be covered, for that domain. There is no limit to that number (X).

  • Let‘s say you have a group of certificate requests for a given domain (which also covers its subdomains). We’ll call this group of requests Y. So, Y is affected by the limits outlined above, since they’re all associated with the same domain.

    There is no limit to the number of Ys that can be processed at the same time, since each Y is associated with a different domain.

    In other words, Let’s Encrypt does not place any limits on the number of actual domains (,,, etc.) that can be secured via SSL.

  • Wildcard (* subdomains are not currently supported by Let’s Encrypt. Wildcard SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt are expected to become available some time in 2018.

Let’s Encrypt SSL automatic renewals

We take care of automatically renewing on your behalf all free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt after approximately every 60 days, as each certificate is valid for 90 days.

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