Lifetime Hosting Done Right.

For a limited time only, HostM Web Hosting is offering a Lifetime Hosting plan, as an alternative to our regular payment plans.

What is Lifetime Hosting?

Our Lifetime Hosting plan provides you with the exact same web hosting package that we offer on our website, including all of its features, for a single one-time payment of just $499.

There is a small $7 annual maintenance fee to cover administrative tasks such as system upgrades, security maintenance and 24/7/365 Premium Client Care.

How do I know your Lifetime Hosting accounts will stick around?

Here’s what we do differently:

  • We’ve been providing great service for over a decade, are privately owned, and have solid cashflow and healthy growth.

  • Our Lifetime Hosting pricing structure is financially sound:

    • Our Lifetime Hosting plan is not priced ridiculously low like others are. Compare our Lifetime Hosting rate to our regular hosting rates to see how it’s sensibly priced.

    • There is a small (but required) annual maintenance fee to cover basic costs. Never trust a provider that offers Lifetime Hosting with only a one-time cost and expect it to be sustainable. Hosting is a service and involves ongoing costs to the provider no matter what.

  • We don’t just do Lifetime Hosting. It’s one of several billing options that we offer to allow for even greater savings. Our bread and butter comes from regular paid hosting plans.

  • Our Lifetime Hosting plan is not a permanent fixture. It’s available for purchase for a limited time only. We reserve the right to stop offering this billing option at any time.

  • If you’re an existing HostM client, choosing the Lifetime Hosting plan is a way to save even more in the long term while enjoying the same level of service. If you prefer, you’re of course welcome to show your support by electing to stick with a regular paid plan or by opening additional hosting accounts (which actually offers a number of benefits).

  • If you’re not yet a HostM client, and are not ready for Lifetime Hosting at this time, we invite you to try one of our regular paid plans, then open a Client Care ticket to indicate your potential interest in the Lifetime offer. Should the offer be pulled by the time you’re ready, we’ll do our best to place you on a priority waiting list in case a spot opens up.

Limited Time Offer

Our Lifetime Hosting plan is only available for purchase for a limited time. As such, if you are interested in this specific offer, we suggest getting on board today.

This offer is available to both new and existing clients. You are allowed to open more than one lifetime web hosting account while the offer remains publicly on our website.

If you’re currently with another hosting provider and aren’t ready to switch to HostM right away, you can still take advantage of this offer now to secure your account, and then switch the hosting over later at your convenience.

Existing clients with hosting accounts on our other payment plans can also switch over to the Lifetime Plan via the Client Lounge while the offer is available. To ensure a fair playing field, we’re unable to apply any portion of previously-paid fees toward the Lifetime offer.

Get Started Today!

Sign up now for your own Lifetime Hosting account and stop paying regular hosting fees!

Should you have any questions with regard to our Lifetime Hosting plan, please feel free to contact us at any time.