QUIC.cloud CDN with Unlimited Free Traffic for WordPress.

With your WordPress site on HostM, you can enable QUIC.cloud CDN, developed by the same people who work on LiteSpeed. It comes with an unlimited free tier so you don’t have to worry about additional fees.

In addition, QUIC.cloud CDN has a premium tier that comes with some additional features. And because your websites at HostM run on LiteSpeed, you also qualify for 10 times the free monthly credits which can be applied to the premium CDN tier and other online services by QUIC.cloud.

QUIC.cloud CDN

Why a CDN is Good For Your WordPress Site

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a global network of nodes that store your data geographically closer to visitors, resulting in faster access times.

Unlike most CDNs, which cache only static content such as images, CSS and JavaScript, QUIC.cloud has the ability to cache even the dynamically generated HTML on WordPress sites.

Most pages on WordPress sites do not actually need to be dynamically generated every single visit. The LiteSpeed Cache plugin works in tandem with QUIC.cloud to refresh data only when needed!

A recent study revealed that a 1-second delay in page load time can lead to a 7% reduction in conversions. Boosting the performance of your WordPress site with QUIC.cloud CDN can directly impact your bottom line.

Key Features of QUIC.cloud CDN

QUIC.cloud CDN provides a suite of features designed to boost the performance and security of WordPress sites:
  1. Fast Content Delivery

    Global Reach: Utilizing a vast network of servers around the world, QUIC.cloud ensures that your content is delivered swiftly, regardless of the geographical location of your audience.

    QUIC Protocol: Leveraging the latest in web technologies, QUIC.cloud uses the QUIC protocol for faster and more reliable connections, reducing latency significantly.

  2. Improved Security Measures

    DDoS Protection: Robust against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, ensuring your site remains accessible even under attack.

    SSL Support: Seamless integration of SSL certificates enhances security, crucial for maintaining user trust and confidence.

  3. Easy Integration with WordPress

    Plug-and-Play: Simple setup process with WordPress, making it accessible even for those with minimal technical knowledge.

    WordPress Optimization: Provides specific adjustments and optimizations for WordPress sites, ensuring optimal performance.

  4. Advanced Caching Capabilities

    Dynamic Content Caching: Unique ability to cache dynamic content, a feature often lacking in traditional CDNs, which typically only cache static content.

    Smart Cache Invalidation: Intelligent system that refreshes the cache only when necessary, ensuring the most up-to-date content is always served.

  5. Real-Time Analytics and Reports

    Insightful Analytics: Provides in-depth insights into website performance and visitor behavior, enabling informed decisions to further optimize the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUIC.cloud CDN is specifically optimized for WordPress sites. It offers unique features like dynamic content caching and uses the QUIC protocol for faster and more reliable connections.

QUIC.cloud provides robust protection against DDoS attacks and seamless integration of SSL certificates, enhancing the overall security of WordPress sites.

Absolutely. QUIC.cloud CDN is designed to cater to WordPress sites of all sizes, ensuring improved performance and security regardless of the scale.

No, QUIC.cloud CDN is designed for ease of use. With its WordPress-specific plugin, even those with minimal technical knowledge can integrate and manage it effectively.

QUIC.cloud offers various plans, including a free tier with unlimited traffic. As a HostM client, you also get 10 times the free monthly credits that you can use with the premium tier and other QUIC.cloud online services.

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