Quick Tour

Below is a quick overview showing various aspects of our hosting package.

Client Lounge

Our exclusive Client Lounge provides you with an overview of your hosting accounts and domain registrations with HostM.

Through the Client Lounge you can update your profile, open Client Care tickets, modify your domain registration details and more.

Hosting Control Panel

Our easy-to-use cPanel hosting control panel allows you to perform all sorts of tasks at the click of the mouse.

Set up email accounts and forwarders, view website statistics, protect web folders, manage hosted domains, create MariaDB databases, and much more.


A selection of Webmail apps is included so that you can send and receive your email anywhere in the world via any web browser if so desired.

Webmail, in addition to IMAP, can be used to check your Junk folder for messages filtered by the built-in spam protection system.

File Manager

Should you not have access to an FTP app or prefer not to use one, you can manage your files right in your web browser via the File Manager.

The File Manager can be used to upload and download your website files, create and delete folders, and edit text files such as .html files.

Web App Installer

More than 200 web apps are available to be installed and updated with a few clicks of the mouse.

Finally, no more hassles with script uploads, editing app configuration files, setting file permissions, and manually creating MySQL databases!