Multiple Domain Hosting Done Right.

Your HostM hosting account allows you to host multiple domains — as many as you wish. This allows you to manage all of them via a single hosting control panel.

Hosting providers often impose limits on the number of domains you may host on a single account. It is not uncommon to find hosting packages that allow only a single domain to be hosted!

True domain hosting with website and email functionality

Each domain that is hosted on your hosting account gains access to email and website functionality. This is full-fledged domain hosting, not “domain parking”.

Unlimited domains for WordPress hosting

Some providers specifically charge a premium to offer what they call WordPress hosting packages, which are deliberately set up to cost multiple times more than “regular” hosting packages, while providing less!

For instance, these so-called WordPress hosting packages almost always have domain limits, being often limited to just one domain per package. They also typically come with more limited web space and data transfer than standard hosting packages.

HostM’s hosting package, which is able to host WordPress sites, does not have those limitations, and at the same time also offers features that come with a typical premium-priced WordPress hosting package, including:

  • the ability to perform one-click WordPress installations
  • the ability to create WordPress staging sites
  • automatic SSL installation
  • modern versions of PHP
  • an optimized MariaDB/MySQL server configuration
  • all files and databases hosted on high-speed NVMe SSDs
  • a fast web server with WordPress caching support
  • a free CDN service for quickly serving site assets globally

Save thousands of dollars a year

You can save thousands of dollars every year by utilizing our multiple domain hosting solution, rather than purchasing a new hosting account for each of your domain names.

Roll out one profitable website after another for multiple streams of passive income, all while saving money.

Host domain names from any country

As long as your domain registration provider offers the ability for you to change the nameservers for a domain, it can be hosted on your hosting account at HostM, allowing it to benefit from our features.

Domain name registrations

Please note of course that you will still need to continue renew your domain registrations via your domain registration provider, as domain registration is a separate activity from domain hosting. Your domain registration provider does not need to be the same organization as your hosting provider.

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