Speed up your websites and email by hosting your domains closer to your main visitors, customers, and users.

With HostM, your hosting account can be located in one of the following geographical regions: North America, Europe, or the Asia Pacific.

This is unlike most hosting providers, as they are typically not able to offer a choice of locations across the globe.

Hosting regions

How It Works

When you sign up for a hosting account with us, it is automatically assigned the most suitable geographical region based on the address associated with your client profile.

This offers the following important benefits:

  • Your websites load faster for your visitors from that geographical region, which greatly improves user experience, conversions and revenue.
  • Search engines are more likely to rank your websites higher, as website speed is one of the factors affecting search engine ranking.
  • Your email users from that geographical region experience faster speeds when checking, sending and receiving email via their email apps and Webmail.
  • Your hosting account’s cPanel loads faster for you when you are in that geographical region.

Can I change the geographical region of my hosting account?

Yes, this can be requested, although there is typically no need to change the geographical region of your hosting account, as it is already likely to be in the most suitable region.

If you do prefer a different geographical region for your hosting account, you may request for a change of location by opening a Client Care ticket via the secure Client Lounge and letting us know if you would like your hosting account to be transferred to North America, Europe, or the Asia Pacific.

Are there any fees to change the geographical region of my hosting account?

We do not charge any fees to change the geographical region of your hosting account, as long as such requests are kept to no more than twice a year per hosting account.

If more frequent transfers are required, we may charge a $35 fee per transfer.

How long does it take to transfer to a different geographical region?

Unless otherwise requested, we shall perform the transfer during the destination region’s off-peak hours.

The switchover itself is recognized by most ISPs within 5 minutes, and no downtime is expected during this switchover period.

Please remember as always to ensure that your hosted domains are using the nameservers that we’ve provided, and not third-party nameservers.

May I purchase multiple hosting accounts located in different geographical regions?

Yes — if you would like different domains to be hosted at different geographical regions, you may purchase additional hosting accounts to accomplish this. Opening multiple hosting accounts also presents a number of other benefits.

Can I host domain names from any country on my hosting account?

Yes — as long as your domain registration provider offers the ability for you to change the nameservers for those domains, they can be hosted on your hosting account at HostM, allowing them to benefit from our features.

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