How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Have a WordPress site up and running on your HostM hosting account? Be sure to take advantage of a number of features that come with your account to speed up your WordPress site:

  • Use the latest version of PHP that works with your WordPress site

    Use the above guide to select the latest version of PHP on your hosting account that your WordPress site is able to run on without causing any issues.

    If your WordPress site does not run on the latest version of PHP that’s available for selection, we recommend removing any outdated plugins and themes that might be causing the issue.

  • Convert your WordPress site from HTTP to HTTPS

    This allows your WordPress site to benefit from HTTP/3 hosting which boosts your website’s performance in modern web browsers.

  • Install the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin on your WordPress site

    This allows LiteSpeed Web Server to cache the pages of your WordPress site, effectively turning them from dynamic to static pages, causing them to load as quickly as the latter.

  • Enable CDN on Your WordPress Site

    This allows your WordPress site’s images and other assets to be automatically loaded onto multiple servers all over the world, ensuring that they load quickly regardless of your visitors’ physical locations.

We hope you’ll take advantage of the above features to speed up your WordPress site. Enjoy!

Should you run into any issues or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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