How to Change the PHP Version for a Hosting Account

Your hosting account comes with a selection of PHP versions that you can choose from, including PHP 8.2, 8.1, 8.0, 7.x, and 5.x.

Our recommendation is to always use the latest version of PHP to ensure that you are covered by the latest security updates and benefit from the newest features and speed improvements.

Nevertheless, if you have a PHP app that does not yet support the latest version of PHP, you may have to stick with an older version of PHP temporarily. In such a case, we would suggest selecting the latest version that is supported by your PHP app.

This easy tutorial shows you how to change the PHP version for your hosting account should your PHP apps require a specific version of PHP.

To change the PHP version:

  1. Sign in to your HostM hosting account’s cPanel.

    Your cPanel access details are listed on the hosting account’s Info page in the Client Lounge.

  2. Under the Software heading, select Select PHP Version.

  3. Click the PHP Version dropdown menu on the top left.

  4. Select the desired PHP version.

  5. Click the Reset to default button in the upper right corner to ensure that the checkboxes are set to our recommended defaults.

    You can always then make adjustments afterwards if your web apps require something extra, but this will not be necessary in most cases.

  6. Click Apply to the right of the newly-selected PHP version.

Your selected PHP version should take effect immediately for your hosting account. Be sure to check that your site(s) are loading correctly at this point.

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