How to Fix Joomla 3 Not Sending Email

Installed Joomla 3, but it’s not sending out email?

This easy tutorial shows you how to properly configure Joomla 3 so that it correctly sends out email, and with a reduced chance of getting filtered as spam at the destination.

To configure your Joomla 3 Mail Settings correctly:

  1. You’ll need to have an email account on the same domain that you’d like Joomla to utilize when sending out email from your domain.

    Ensure that you have already created the desired email account in your hosting account’s cPanel.

  2. Sign in to your Joomla admin dashboard. This is normally accessible via in your web browser, where is replaced with your actual domain.

  3. Click System in the top navigation.

  4. Click Global Configuration in the dropdown menu.

  5. Click the Server tab.

  6. Under the Mail Settings header, enter the following details:

    • Send Mail: Yes

    • Disable Mass Mail: (Your choice)

    • From Email:
      Change to a valid email address that’s based on your Joomla site’s domain.

    • From Name: (Your choice)
      Enter the name you’d like to appear in the From field of the email messages.

    • Mailer: SMTP

    • SMTP Host: (Listed on your hosting account’s Info page)

    • SMTP Port: 587

    • SMTP Security: STARTTLS

    • SMTP Authentication: Yes

    • SMTP Username: (Full email address of the email account)

    • SMTP Password: (Password of the email account)

  7. Click the Send Test Mail button right below the form you just filled out.

    A confirmation message with a light green background should appear at the top of the page saying that the test email has been successfully sent.

  8. Click the green Save button at the top of the page.

Your Joomla 3 website is now properly configured to send out email correctly.

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