How to Create an Email Account on Your Hosting Account Using cPanel

An email account allows you to assign a password to an email address that’s based on your domain (such as

To create an email account on your hosting account using cPanel:

  1. Make sure that you’ve already added the domain to your HostM hosting account.

  2. Sign in to your HostM hosting account’s cPanel.

    Your cPanel access details are listed on the hosting account’s Info page in the Client Lounge.

  3. Under the Email heading, click Email Accounts.

  4. Click the Create button.

  5. Enter the following details:

    • Domain: (The portion of the email after the @ sign)

    • Username: (The portion of the email before the @ sign)

    • Password: (Password of the email account)

    • Storage Space: (Enter the desired value)

  6. Click the Create button.

The email account should now be listed on the Email Accounts page in cPanel. You can send and receive messages for this email address via webmail or any modern email app.