How to Publish Your Website Using RapidWeaver

If you design your website using RapidWeaver, you can publish your website directly to your HostM account without having to use a separate FTP app.

To publish your RapidWeaver website to your HostM account:

  1. If your website contains a contact form created using RapidWeaver, please first run through our RapidWeaver Contact Form guide to ensure that it is configured to function correctly, before proceeding with the rest of this guide.

  2. Open RapidWeaver on your Mac.

  3. Open your project.

  4. If you had previously already gone through this guide and successfully published your RapidWeaver site to your HostM hosting account using the steps below, you may skip all of the steps below, and simply select Publish in the RapidWeaver toolbar to publish your site!

  5. Select File > Publishing Settings from the menu bar at the top of your screen.

  6. Enter the following settings:

    • Publishing Method: SFTP

    • Server: (SFTP Server listed on your hosting account’s Info page)

      IMPORTANT: Add :8228 to the end of the entry. For example, if the server were to be, you would enter in the Server field.

    • Username: (Your cPanel username)

    • Password: (Your cPanel password)

    • Path: public_html/
      (Replace with your actual domain. Note that the entry does not begin with a slash character)

    • Website Address:
      (Replace with your actual domain)

  7. Select the Test button to ensure there are no error messages.

  8. Select the Publish button in the RapidWeaver toolbar to publish your RapidWeaver site to your HostM hosting account.

Should you encounter any issues, please feel free to open a Client Care ticket via the Client Lounge at any time.

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