How to Add an FTP Account to CuteFTP

Note: At the time of this writing, CuteFTP does not support TLS 1.2, the currently recommended TLS protocol, and as such may not be able to connect. To resolve this issue, we recommend using an FTP app that’s in active development, such as FileZilla until CuteFTP is able to support TLS 1.2.

To add an FTP account to CuteFTP:

  1. Open CuteFTP.

  2. Visit Tools > Global Options.

    SSL Security in left-hand column
    • Reuse cached session for data connection: Yes

  3. Click the OK button.

  4. Visit Tools > Site Manager.

  5. Make sure Display Site Manager is enabled.

  6. In Site Manager, right-click, the site you wish to modify.

  7. Select Properties.

    General tab
    • Label: (Same as Host address below)

    • Host address: (Listed on your hosting account’s Info page)

    • Username: (Your cPanel username)

    • Password: (Your cPanel password)

    • Login method: Normal

    Actions tab
    • When client connects, switch to this remote folder: public_html

    Type tab
    • Protocol type: FTP with TLS/SSL (AUTH TLS - Explicit)

    • Port: 21

  8. Click the Connect button.

CuteFTP should now be securely connected to your FTP account!