How to Add an FTP Account to Transmit

To add an FTP account to Transmit:

  1. Open Transmit on your Mac.

  2. Select Preferences... from the Transmit menu.

  3. Select Advanced, then click the Advanced Server Settings... button.

  4. If there is a checkbox labeled Use TLS v1.2 encryption, select that.

    Otherwise, select 1.3 from the TLS menu.

  5. Click the OK button to save your settings, then close the Preferences window.

  6. Select New Window from the File menu.

  7. If you’re on Transmit 5.x, select Add New Server from the Servers menu, then select the Next button.

    If you’re on Transmit 4.x, select Add to Favorites... from the Favorites menu.

  8. If you’re on Transmit 5.x, rename Untitled Server to your hosting account’s hostname. Also set the Address to the same value.

    If you’re on Transmit 4.x, rename Untitled Favorite to your hosting account’s hostname. Also set the Server to the same value.

    To locate your hosting account’s hostname, visit your hosting account’s Info page at the Client Lounge.

  9. Enter the following details:

    • Protocol: FTP with TLS/SSL

    • User Name: (Your cPanel username)

    • Password: (Your cPanel password)

    • Port: (Leave blank)

    • Use Passive Mode: On

    • Root URL: (Leave blank)

    • Remote Path: public_html

    • Local Path: (Leave blank)

  10. Click the Save button.

  11. Double-click the newly saved entry to connect to your hosting account via FTP.

Transmit should now be securely connected to your hosting account, and you can now manage your files and folders on your hosting account, including uploading, downloading, and renaming them.