How to Add an FTP Account to Interarchy

To add an FTP account to Interarchy:

  1. Open Interarchy on your Mac.

  2. Select Preferences... from the Interarchy menu.

  3. Click the Security icon.

  4. Enter the following details:

    • FTP uses SSL (AUTH): Required

    • FTP over SSL secures: Command and Data

    • Verify server certificates: OFF
      (This should normally be set to ON, but needs to be set to OFF for now due to a current bug with Interarchy)

    • Anonymous FTP is never secured: ON

  5. Close the Preferences window.

  6. Select New Listing... from the File menu.

  7. Enter the following details:

    • Protocol: FTP

    • Server: (Listed on your hosting account’s Info page)

    • Port: (Leave blank)

    • User Name: (Your cPanel username)

    • Password: (Your cPanel password)

    • Remote Path: public_html

  8. Click the List button and wait for the connection to be established.

  9. You should now see the list of files and/or folders residing in the specified location.

  10. Select Add Bookmark... from the Bookmarks menu.

  11. Enter the name you wish to use for the bookmark, select Bookmarks (or Bookmarks Bar if you’d like it to show up on a horizontal bar in the main window), then click Add.

Interarchy should now be securely connected to your FTP account!