How to Publish Your Website Using Adobe Muse

If you design your website using Adobe Muse, you can publish your website directly to your HostM account without having to use a separate FTP app.

To publish your Adobe Muse website to your HostM account:

  1. If your website contains a contact form created using Adobe Muse, please first run through our Adobe Muse Contact Form guide to ensure that it is configured correctly for our system, before proceeding with the rest of this guide.

  2. Ensure that you have added your domain to your hosting account.

  3. Open Adobe Muse on your macOS or Windows device.

  4. Open your project.

  5. Select File > Upload to FTP Host...

  6. Select Switch Account.

  7. Enter the following settings:

    • FTP Server: (as listed on your hosting account’s Info page)

    • User Name: (Your cPanel username)

    • Password: (Your cPanel password)

    • Store Credentials: Yes

    • Options (select black triangle next to word Options to reveal section)

      • Method: FTP over SSL/TLS (explicit encryption)

      • Mode: Extended Passive (EPSV)

  8. Select the Next button.

  9. Enter the following settings:

    • Site URL:
      (Replace with your actual domain)

    • Folder on Server: public_html/
      (Replace with your actual domain)

    • Upload: Only modified files

  10. Select the OK button.

Your Adobe Muse website will now be published to your HostM account!

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