Am I allowed to purchase more than one hosting account?

You may purchase as many hosting accounts as you wish at our advertised rates. This also applies to our exclusive Lifetime plan. Recurring plans enjoy price protection against future increases.

While our hosting package allows you to host as many domains as you like on a single hosting account, there are a number of benefits to having more than one hosting account.

Benefits of Having Multiple HostM Hosting Accounts

  • Separate cPanel access: Each hosting account comes with a single cPanel access that allows you to manage all of the domains hosted within that account. If you have one or more domains that require separate cPanel access, you’ll need to open separate hosting accounts for those domains.

  • Account Isolation — Security & Stability: Each hosting account is isolated from the others so that if one of your accounts experiences issues such as high CPU load due to careless web programming, brute force attacks, security breaches due to not keeping web apps up-to-date and so forth, websites on your other accounts aren’t affected.

  • Separate PHP versions: Each hosting account has its own setting for the currently active PHP version. If you’d like to run different PHP versions for different sites, having multiple accounts would come in handy.

  • Separate Billing: Each hosting account has its own billing schedule and arrangement. This comes in handy when you wish to separate your personal and business hosting activities, or if you have multiple business entities, partners, or clients with separate billing arrangements.

  • Separate SFTP access: Unlike FTP over TLS/SSL (or FTPES), where you may create as many sub-accounts as you wish, each hosting account comes with a single SFTP account.

  • Separate SSH access: Each hosting account comes with its own SSH access (which is disabled by default and can be activated via the Client Care ticket system at any time).