6 Important Benefits of Installing SSL on All of Your Websites

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. Its primary purpose is to encrypt (securely scramble) digital data travelling between different locations.

For a website with SSL installed (HostM offers FREE SSL certificates and installation for all clients), this means data transmitted to and from your website users is protected.

Benefits of Installing SSL on Your Websites

Installing SSL certificates on your domains and subdomains provides these important benefits:

  1. Secure all traffic to and from your websites so that when malicious parties attempt to intercept and analyze the transmitted information, they get scrambled data instead. This traffic may includes:

    • Personal details such as your visitors’ and customers’ names, email addresses and messages submitted via your website contact forms and customer support systems.

    • Important login details for web apps installed on your hosting account, such as WordPress, Joomla, phpBB and more.

    • Sensitive information such as customers’ credit card details if you have an ecommerce storefront.

  2. Increase your visitors’ trust by causing a padlock to appear in visitors’ web browsers, indicating that all transmissions to and from the website are indeed securely encrypted.

  3. Increase your compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) due to information in transit being secured to and from your websites, bringing you one step closer to being able to process personally identifiable information supplied by residents in the European Union (EU).

  4. Avoid browser warnings from showing up for your websites. Beginning July 2018 with Google Chrome, web browsers will begin alerting visitors with broken lock icons when loading websites that don’t have valid SSL certificates installed.

  5. Boost your website performance because SSL-secured websites automatically take advantage of next-generation HTTP/3 Hosting technology offered by our LiteSpeed Hosting setup.

  6. Improve your search engine rankings due to Google and other major search engines giving a ranking boost to websites that have SSL certificates installed.

Get Started Today with Our Free SSL Certificates

HostM offers free SSL certificates and installation for all of the domains in your HostM hosting account.

Get started today and enjoy all of the above important benefits of SSL-secured websites.