How to Transfer a Domain Registration to HostM

Please read all of the following points carefully:

  • The transfer of the hosting of a domain has nothing to do with, and does not require, the transfer of the registration of that domain.

    Your domain registration provider does not have to be the same organization as your hosting provider.

    If you are perfectly fine with renewing your domain registration at your current domain provider, there is no need to transfer the registration of your domain to HostM in order to host your domain with HostM.

  • A domain registration transfer involves a fee that’s separate to the hosting subscription fee. The exact transfer fee depends on the domain extension and is listed on our domain transfer page. All prices exclude VAT/GST where applicable.

  • Normally, the registration transfer fee includes a 1-year extension to the domain name’s existing expiry date.

    However, if the domain expired less than 45 days ago, and you subsequently renewed the domain via your current domain registrar, then even though the registration transfer fee remains the same, it will not include a 1-year extension to the expiry date. This policy applies to all registrars and is not within our control.

    For such a domain, you might wish to wait until at least 46 days after its last expiry date before initiating a domain registration transfer, in order to benefit from the 1-year extension to the expiry date.

  • If you’d also like to transfer the hosting of the same domain to HostM, and not just the registration, then we recommend transferring the hosting first, because a registration transfer typically takes 5 days to complete.

If, after carefully reading the above, you would still like to transfer the registration of a domain to HostM, here are the steps to take:

  1. Ensure that the domain you wish to transfer has been with the current domain provider for over 60 days, otherwise the transfer won’t be successful. This is a standard domain transfer policy set by the central registry, and affects all domain providers.

    If the domain registration has already expired, but it’s been less than 30 days since expiration, you can still attempt a transfer, but it may not succeed. Should this occur, you would first need to renew the domain registration at the current domain provider before attempting a new transfer (preferrably at least 46 days after the latest expiry — see our list of important notes above).

  2. Sign in to your account at the current domain provider’s website and perform the following:

    • Unlock the domain name for outgoing transfers.

    • Update the email address listed as the domain name’s administrative contact, so that important messages can be received.

    • Obtain the authorization code (EPP key) for that domain. This is typically sent to the domain’s administrative contact email address.

  3. Visit our domain registration transfer page and follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the domain transfer. During the procedure, you may need the authorization code (EPP key) that you had obtained in the previous step.

  4. Upon completing the on-screen instructions, the automated registration transfer process begins, and typically takes approximately 5 days to complete if no issues are encountered.

    You will receive email confirmation from HostM to let you know once the registration transfer is successful, or if there’s been an error.

  5. If you receive email confirmation that the registration transfer is successful, open a Client Care ticket to let us know, so that we can have the domain properly listed at the Client Lounge for you.