How to Export an SSL Certificate from Windows Server

If you’re migrating an SSL-secured website from Windows Server, you can transfer its existing SSL certificate and private key to HostM by first exporting them to a .pfx file, then sending it to us for conversion and installation.

To export an SSL certificate and private key from Windows Server:

  1. Sign in to Windows Server as an Administrator.

  2. From a command prompt or the run menu, enter mmc, then press the <Enter> key.

  3. Select File > Add/Remove Snap-in, then click Add.

  4. Select Certificates, then click Add.

  5. Select Computer account, then click Next.

  6. Select Local computer, then click Finish.

  7. Click Close, then click OK.

  8. In the list on the left, select Certificates (Local Computer) > Personal > Certificates.

  9. Right-click the certificate you wish to export, then select All Tasks > Export.

  10. Click the Next button.

  11. Select Yes, export the private key, then click Next.

    (If this option is unavailable, it means the person who had initially set up the certificate did not mark the private key as exportable. Should this be the case, contact us for the steps to generate a new CSR and private key, so that you can have your SSL provider re-issue the certificate.)

  12. Enter the following details:

    • Select Personal Information Exchange - PKCS #12 (.PFX).

    • Include all certificates in the certification if possible: Yes

    • Delete the private key if the export is successful: No

    • Include all certificates in the certification if possible: Yes (if this checkbox exists)

    • Export all extended properties: Yes (if this checkbox exists)

  13. Click Next.

  14. Enter a password for the private key if prompted, and make a note of it (you’ll need to send it to us later).

  15. Click Next.

  16. Save the .pfx file somewhere safe (you’ll need to send it to us later).

  17. Open a Client Care ticket via the Client Lounge to let us know that you’d like to send us the .pfx file and password. We’ll send you instructions on how to do so. Once received, we’ll convert the .pfx file for you and install the SSL certificate as desired.