HTTP/2 Hosting Done Right.

What is HTTP/2 hosting?

HTTP/2 is web technology designed to boost your website performance.

HostM was among the first providers to support HTTP/2 hosting, allowing all of your websites to benefit from this right away.

How to benefit from HTTP/2 hosting

  1. The web server must support HTTP/2.

    HostM takes care of this for you. All HostM servers already support HTTP/2 via our LiteSpeed hosting setup.

  2. The website must have a valid SSL certificate installed.

    Our system automatically installs free SSL certificates on domains hosted on your HostM hosting account.

  3. The visitors’ web browsers must support HTTP/2.

    Modern web browsers already support HTTP/2, including the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Internet Explorer.

    Visitors with older browsers can still access your sites without issues; their connections automatically fall back to the usual HTTP/1.1.

What’s new with HTTP/2?

To the average visitor to your website using a modern web browser, other than the fact that your website loads faster, they won’t notice anything unusual.

Under the hood, HTTP/2 introduces a number of technical enhancements:

  • Multiplexing

    HTTP/2 supports multiplexing which means parallel requests can be made over a single connection. HTTP/1.x could only make one request at a time per connection.

  • Binary Protocol

    HTTP/2 is now a binary protocol, while HTTP/1.x was a text protocol. The use of a binary protocol means that HTTP/2 is more efficient and less error-prone.

  • Header Compression

    With HTTP/2, HTTP headers are now compressed using HPACK, a compression algorithm specifically created to be safe to use and to operate at a coarse granularity.

  • Server Push

    HTTP/2 hosting allows the web server to proactively push the various assets utilized by the requested page, so that there’s no need to wait for the web browser to parse the HTML and issue individual requests.

Get started today!

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