Are your regular hosting renewal rates fair and reasonable?

Within the hosting industry, it is common to find some tactics that you might consider morally objectionable.

Unlike other hosting providers, we don’t do things like the following:

Switch to unreasonably high regular renewal rates after the initial term

Our regular renewal rates remain much lower than the competition, even in cases where we offer discounts over the initial term. Our renewals also enjoy fair price protection from future increases.

Check out our Hosting Renewal Rate Comparison Chart to see how we compare to the competition.

Offer multiple packages with limited hosting features, then suspend customers’ accounts for overusage and make them pay for upgraded packages.

HostM offers a single premium package with unlimited features. No upgrades are necessary.

Advertise unlimited hosting features, then place limitations in the fine print that affect many.

HostM offers unlimited features that benefit just about everyone who’s a normal, sane person wanting worry-free website and email hosting.

Run referral programs that pay large commissions up front, in an attempt to obtain higher positions on fake hosting ranking and review sites.

There’s a phenomenon going on in the hosting industry (and with quite a number of others as well), where unscrupulous parties set up websites that pretend to rank and review “top” hosting providers. This has been happening for decades.

You’ll find that the lists of providers on these types of websites are all very similar to each other, and every link to a provider is a referral link rather than a normal direct link.

This is because the higher the referral commissions, the more a fake hosting ranking website operator is encouraged to include the provider and move them to a higher position to maximize their income.

That’s why the listed providers also happen to be the ones offering some of the highest referral commissions up front, often to the point of making an initial loss, which they then try to recoup by slapping customers with unreasonably high renewal fees.

At HostM, we prefer to pass on the “savings” — if one even calls them that — so our clients can benefit from our affordable rates.