Do you offer phone support?

We do not currently offer sales or support by phone or fax for the reasons outlined below:

Pre-Sales Questions

This is currently available via email only. Simply submit your pre-sales questions via our Visitor Contact Form and we’ll follow up via email from there.

This ensures that pre-sales discussions can be more easily and properly documented prior to a sale in case either party needs to refer to them subsequently.

Client Care

Our clients’ security and privacy are important to us. Because of this, our 24/7 support is provided exclusively via the Client Care ticket system located within the secure Client Lounge.

Another important benefit of using the Client Care ticket system is that it allows both parties to easily view the entire discussion history for each topic.

You will receive an email notification each time an update is posted to a Client Care ticket. You can open new tickets or post updates via the secure Client Lounge.

We may consider additional methods of support in the future if they’re able to provide similar or greater levels of client security and privacy, as well as ease-of-reference for both parties.