Do you support FrontPage Server Extensions?

We do not offer FrontPage Server Extensions at this time, as they are an outdated technology last released in 2002 that causes complications and unnecessary security risks on modern web servers.

Microsoft themselves stopped offering support for FrontPage Server Extensions for Linux servers in 2006. This means there have been no updates, bug fixes and security patches since 2006.

Due to this lack of support, hosting providers have been forced over time to cease offering Frontpage Server Extensions or risk having major security issues affect all of their clients, whether using FrontPage or not.

You can still use FrontPage without the Server Extensions by publishing via either FTP with TLS/SSL or SFTP. Features that rely on FrontPage Server Extensions will no longer work.

Since many FrontPage users do not utilize such features, they can switch to publishing in FTP mode within FrontPage without affecting website functionality. We have clients who have done this without any issues.

With regard to the FrontPage desktop app itself, Microsoft replaced it with Expression Web 4, which can be downloaded for free from Microsoft’s website.

Microsoft Expression Web 4 works fine with our servers, produces standards-compliant websites, and does not present unnecessary security risks.