Spam Protection Done Right.

Our spam protection feature automatically filters incoming junk mail into the Junk folder of your email account, similar to what you may be used to with free email providers such as Gmail.

This keeps your inbox clean so you can remain productive instead of being distracted by potentially harmful messages.

Adjusting Your Spam Protection Settings

Unlike what you get with free email providers, with HostM you can also adjust your spam protection settings via the Apache SpamAssassin section of your hosting account’s cPanel.

Increasing the required_score value causes the spam protection system to be more lenient in determining which messages could be spam.

Conversely, to filter even more spam into the Junk folder, decrease the value of required_score.

Setting the required_score to a high value like 50 allows you to effectively disable the junk mail filtering.

Whitelisting and Blacklisting Email

In the same section of cPanel, you can choose to specify the sender email addresses and domains whose messages you’d like to either be filtered or not be filtered into the Junk folder.

Accessing the Junk Folder

You can access the Junk folder of each email account by connecting using IMAP via any modern email app such as Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and Mozilla Thunderbird. Our IMAP servers use TLS/SSL to ensure secure connections.

You can also access the Junk folder via any modern web browser such as Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome, through a selection of webmail apps supplied with your HostM hosting account. Webmail uses HTTPS for secure connections.

Messages stored within the Junk folder are kept for up to 30 days before being automatically purged by the system.

Spam Protection for Outgoing Email

Outgoing email from our servers are also scanned by our spam protection system just in case a malicious party attempts to use a compromised mailbox or website to send out spam messages.

This helps protects your domain’s email and IP reputation, greatly reducing the chances of your mail IP being blocked by destination mail providers or email blacklist providers.

Unlimited Email Accounts

HostM offers unlimited email hosting, allowing you to set up as many email accounts as you wish, each with its own Junk folder.

Lifetime Offer for Spam Protection

For a limited time only, we have an exclusive Lifetime hosting offer available in addition to our regular payment plans.

The ability to host email accounts with spam protection is included in the Lifetime plan, since it comes with all of the same features included with our regular payment plans.

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